Catálogo de Productos de Grupo Moscaro 2008-2009
Equípos de Química Clínica
Química Clínica

Product Key Points

  • Constant speed
  • Open system (R3 and R4 reagents)
  • Largest on board chemistry capacity (80)
  • Minimum reaction volume:150 uL
  • Competitive price
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Vertical and horizontal collision protection
  • Clot detection
  • 8-step wash
  • 12 wavelengths
  • Auto-dilution
  • Support STAT
  • Replicate tests
  • Environmental protection
  • Three work modes support
  • User-friendly and powerful software

BS-400 subsystems:

  • Sample system
  • Reagent system
  • Reaction system
  • Photometric system
  • Washing system
  • Bar code reading system
  • ISE
  • Software

Reagent System

  1. Reagent disk: 80 positions.
  2. It holds four types of reagent bottles: 62mL, 40mL(long and short and 20mL (with holder).
  3. It supports internal bar code reader.
  4. Refrigeration: 4-10 ?.
  5. Reagent volume: 20-350uL. Increment: 1uL.
  6. Reagent probe: Two separate probes for first and second reagent respectively. Liquid level detection, reagent inventory and collision protection (horizontal and vertical). Shared reagent between different tests. Same reagents of one test can be setup by priority.
  7. Washing: Carryover is less than 0.1%.

Reaction System

  1. Reaction disk: 90 semi-permanent plastic cuvettes.
  2. Cuvettes: Inner diameter: 5mm×5mm×30mm; Light path: 5mm.
  3. Reaction volume: 150-360µL.
  4. Cuvette washing: Cuvettes are washed automatically in 8 steps when reaction is finished.
  5. Heated by dry bath
  6. Reaction temperature: 37±0.1 °C.

Introduction of Washing System

  1. 8-step wash: 1-2 step with diluted wash solution, 3-6 step with DI water and 7-8 step with wipe block.
  2. Residual: =0.01 ppm.
  3. Wash solution pre-heated.
  4. Concentrated wash solution diluted onboard.
  5. Wash well can be disassembled easily.
  6. High concentration waste collected


ISE Measurement Channel

  • Sample cup
  • Bubble detector
  • Ion selective electrodes (Na+, K+, Cl-, Li+ and Ref.)
  • Compression plate
  • Circuit board


ISE Reagent Module

  • Calibrant A: Used in both the two-point and single-point calibrations for sample analysis.
  • Calibrant B: Used in both the two-point and single-point calibrations for urine sample analysis.
  • Waste container: Waste storage.
  • Other reagents (not included in reagent module):
    1)Cleaning solution
    2)Urine diluent
    3)Tri-level control

Friendly Software Key Features

  1. Real-time status monitoring
  2. Intelligent to extend the linearity for enzyme tests
  3. Optimized test sequence setting to avoid carry over
  4. Three different work mode: laboratory, medical center and blood station
  5. Calibration data statistics
  6. Function of recalculation
  7. Two types of counting time: period and seconds
  8. Three setting modes of sample aspiration volume: standard, increase and decrease
  9. Function of reagents shared by two tests
  10. Function of setting sequence of reagents for one test
  11. Capable of enhance cuvettes washing to cut down carry over
  12. Off-system tests support and capable of integrating into profile
  13. Detailed alarm messages
  14. Power-off memory protection
  15. Self-defined report format
  16. Large storage of patient report with graphic
  17. Reagent trend, Q.C ,calibration information
  18. Flexible barcode settings and similar interface with LIS
  19. Bidirectional LIS support and dual barcode readers
Real-time status monitoring

Customize Report Format

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